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JTBC - SUPER BAND(KOREA BAND SURVIVOR) ROUND 1 Registration date 2014.04.12 (Fri)

hong jin ho - cello 

benji - violin 

now lee - piano


Lee Chan-Sool 

Lee Ju-Hyuk 

Ha hyun sang 

Round 1

Full vesion


<Mr. SUN Shine> OST released 'I Want All' phenomenon ♪ # Producer Audition

<Sun Shine> OST released

The uniqueness of the phenomenon ♬

Lovely ♡ with the sunshine ♡ Tonkahata Your own song 'With you' ♪ # Producer audition

When you are with someone you love

I feel the feeling on the piano melody

Lee Kang Ho

19 years old Other genius (!) Lee Kangho own song 'Peacock (Peafowl)' ♪ # Producer Audition

Guitar playing of Lee Kangho like a colorful peacock

Even with slow tempo,

Kim Young so

Movie <your name> inspired Kim Youngso's own song 'Like a Star' ♪ # producer audition

Reminiscent of the Milky Way in the night sky

Kim Youngso's own song 'Like a Star' ♪


Cody's Song '♪ ♪ Deep Sensibility Vocal Isle's # Producer Audition

To the sweet melody of the bow

Isle that calls with your own sensibility

Jung sol

All participants are coveted percussionist Jung sol 'intro + March night' ♪ # Producer audition

The sound artisan percussionist Jung Sol showed

Rhythm with pachikawa row drum

Ji Sang

(Pure youth) Ground pure love singing 'Thinking out Loud' ♪ # Producer audition

The ground that calls it sincerely

Original song Ed Sheeran's song

Kim Chi-hun 

Cool ♥ Powerful visual drummer Kim Chi-heon 'Believer' ♪ ♪ Producer Audition

Alternative rock drummer

More compellingly arranged

Now Lee

♡ The piano genius from Germany or 'First Step' ♪ ♪ # Producer audition

Movie <Interstellar> OST song 'First Step' ♪

It will bring out the tension in the universe.

Playing the arranging piano

Desperado 'voice ♪ ♪ pianist or a genius pianist # Producer Audition

Rock band Eagles' representative song 'Desperado' ♪

A calm piano melody and uncompromising voice


Violin + rap + singing! Benji 'Shape of you + Telephone' ♪ ♪ # Producer Audition

VENGIN, which bounces the violin like a guitar

Ed Sheeran's song 'Shape of you' ♪

Hong Jin-ho

★ Good spirits ★ Grand and tender Hong Jin-ho's 'Le Grand Tango' ♪ ♪ Producer Audition

Cellist Hong Jin Ho tells

Astor Piazzolla's song 'Le Grand Tango' ♪

The Rose - Kim Woo Sung

Billboard's attention-grabbing band ♥ The Rose's 'Breakeven' ♪ # Producer Audition

Billboard's attention-grabbing band The Rose

Listeners who let themselves get into the groove

Lee Chansol

Eugarsmich Jansasol, a gentle and naive voice 'Everglow' ♪ # Producer Audition

In a gentle voice

Doubtless singing



sketchbook5, 스케치북5

sketchbook5, 스케치북5

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